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SUPPORT : 91 (0) 8655 44 9052
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Company Overview
Company Overview
A Master never teaches anything.
His presence itself brings in dramatic changes in your whole being.

14 Years of continuous service and still counting, Mentora India has emerged as one of the best corporate training companies in Mumbai - India.

With our intense passion to change lives and with our vast experience too, we've carved a niche for ourselves to be recognized among the best corporate soft skills training companies in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkatta and several other cities in India.

360 degrees training programs is what we call them. Our training programs are structured to impact individuals that enables them build the right supporting competencies to excel in every sphere of life.

We offer practical and engaging training programs to help your company- build dynamic teams; develop exceptional leaders; increase sales and profits; build and maintain excellent customer relationship; improve organisational efficiency and productivity, motivate and retain key staff and foster a stress-free and harmonious workplace.

Our Team
Our Team

We are a team of experienced training and consulting professionals, associated with various organizations to improve individual and organizational performance. Our trainers are accredited with NLP, MBTI, DISC or other international certifications. We know how to relate at all organizational and staff levels to improve productivity and working relationships.

Looking for Soft Skills Trainer profiles? Mentora India is proud to claim that our master trainers are listed in the top 25 soft skills trainer’s profiles in India.

Few of our core trainers find themselves in the following lists in the world of training and development:
. Problem Solving & Decision making skills trainers
. Communication Skills Trainers
. Personal effectiveness Trainers
. Presentation skills (Basic & Advanced) Trainers
. Effective Negotiation & Influencing skills
. Team Building Skills Trainers
. Conflict Management Trainers
. Effective Business Communication Trainers
. Campus to Corporate Training Specialists.
. Stress Management and Work Life Balance Trainers
. Time Management Trainers
. Creativity & Innovation Trainers
. Persuasive Conversations Trainers
. Assertive Attitude Trainers
. Selling skills and Advanced Sales Trainers

We have a Desire and Passion to transform people by sharing our experience and knowledge; empowering them to reach higher levels of success in their personal and professional life.

Join Us
Join Us

Our ethos doesn't mean much if there aren't people on board making it come alive.

We have an outstanding group of individuals who make up Mentora India, who 'live' our values and who represent what we do at the highest level.

Everyone who works with Mentora India is a Partner or aspiring to become a Partner in the business.

We hire the best individuals from various domains to be a part of our team. While their qualifications are one way that we shortlist our team, ethical values and a positive outlook in their personal and professional life are equally important traits that we look for in our team members.

So, if you have the passion and believe in our ethos then Mentora is the right place to be.

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Beyond Business (CSR Initiatives)
Beyond Business

"Never doubt a small, group of thoughtful, Committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

Manna Group Foundation was established in 2008 when a group of few professionals from different walks of life decided to work together with a common vision of social up-liftment of the unprivileged and the destitute citizens of our society.

Manna's Goal is to shower love and compassion thereby restoring hope for a bright and Promising future to every child who would otherwise be neglected, unwanted, suffering and without a hope in life.

Manna Group Foundation

  • Provide the children with a loving nurturing environment
  • Help them to achieve their full potential as A human being
  • Build healthy relationship in the home and community
  • Provide the social unprivileged with a formal education or any form of training to enable them enter the social mainstream.

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