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SUPPORT : 91 (0) 8655 44 9052

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"It gives me immense pride today when I see our junior officers communicating confidently. The biggest challenge for Mentora was that the trainee batch was extremely heterogeneous, be it mother tongue or academic qualification wise. Nevertheless, Mentora has emerged a winner - they have given us empowered employees who are confident and well groomed. The commendation from our Designations to be right aligned Directors for this effort is a well deserved pat on the back for Mentora & team".
– GM – Construction Industry

"Dear Mathew, The customer care training for our frontline bank staff has been very productive. Each employee has felt a difference and benefited both professionally as well as personally from the session."
– DGM – Public Sector Bank

"It was a wonderful experience. I have been part of training from large organisation in Delhi and Mumbai. This ranks on top of it. Excellent! Didn't seem like activities were planned. Based on factor/situations they modified activities to suit the audience and their mood."
– Mgr - HR - Manufacturing

"Mentora India gave me very useful and innovative tools to carry on my everyday duties more efficiently. Learning from case studies and the challenges was immensely valuable."
- Managerial Effectiveness program participant, Mumbai

"The action plan is the best tool I have ever learned."
- Creative Problem Solving Program participant, Delhi

"I attended the Mentora India's Leadership program when I was fairly new to managerial role. The institution strengthened my knowledge of key aspects of being a Leader and boosted my confidence as a leader by reinforcing areas that were familiar and suggesting new ways of dealing with problems..."
- Leadership program participant, Kolkata